AOEIUV Twin Tricycle, Stroller Baby Stroller Children’s Double Seat Bicycle Stroller 6 Months ~ 6 Years Baby Car Over 1 Year Old Girl Gifts


▲Removable awning design: Tricycle awning design, multi-range adjustment, effective sun protection, protect your baby’s skin.
▲ Non-slip foot pedal design: The tricycle footrest is designed to withstand the strength of the baby’s foot and can be disassembled according to the baby’s needs.
▲Controllable steering rod design: children’s tricycle steering linkage and silent design, steel steering linkage, flexible and convenient, silent gasket design.
▲ Increase the design of the storage basket: The large-capacity storage basket of the tricycle has a large storage space, the head cover is easy to use, and the PU material is easy to clean.
▲Adjustable swivel seat design: Tricycle swivel seat, 360° rotation, you can observe your baby at any time, four-stage design, suitable for babies of different ages, can be disassembled accordingly.

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