YANGUANG Decoration Net White Nylon net,Outdoor Safety net Stair net Insulation net Insulated Rope net Garden Decoration net Balcony Protection net Hammock Swing (Size : 58M(1626ft))


Features:Fine hand-made weaving,strengthened,the force is even,the pulling force is strong,fine wiring,non-slip and anti-wear,multi-strand weaving,make the rope more durable,have strong impact resistance.
◆Safety net wire diameter 6MM,mesh spacing 10CM.Color:white rope net.Our protective mesh can be customized according to your needs.
◆Protective net material:Made of nylon braided rope,hand-woven,tightened.Exquisite workmanship,solid and stable,can withstand 300kg weight impact.
◆Features of decorative net:soft material,light mesh,multi-layer warp and weft,fine wiring,fine workmanship;clear lines,non-slip durable,anti-wear.
◆Multi-functional protection net:balcony family and railing stairs balcony safety stair railing anti-cat ladder,anti-fall and other strengthening protection;wall,house,hotel theme party,board,cafe,bookstore,restaurant,decoration,hanging and so on.

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