XYSQ Baby Stroller, Foldable Infant Pushchair with 5-Point Safety Harness, Luxury Baby Stroller Anti-Shock Springs High View Pram Baby Stroller with Stroller Hook (Color : Black)


1. Material: Made of aluminum alloy and breathable fabric, anti-rust and durable.
2. Stable: Good suspension, triangular baby stroller frame is more stable, can bear 70kg weight, four-wheel multi-suspension, make the baby more comfortable.
3. Multi-position reversible seat: a crib from newborn to 6 months can be easily converted into a child’s seat.
4. Easy-to-use folding system: Quickly fold or open it for easy transportation in the trunk.
5. Give: Two hooks are provided to facilitate shopping or bring more things; and there are also large mami bags, thick anti-dirty cushions, mosquito nets, summer mats, full-face weatherproof covers, and windproof foot covers.

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