XHE Stroller Wagon Children’s Tricycle Collapsible Lightweight Children’s Bicycle Does Not Need to Be Installed Cup Holder Adjustable Pram Stroller Infant Carriage (Color : A)


When the baby is born, he has no interest in the outside world, but when the baby grows up, he will often feel novel about new things. A baby stroller can not only ensure the safety of the baby, but also allow him to recognize the outside world, so as to grow more vigorously.
1. The wheel is made of high-density PU material to reduce the uneven vibration of the road surface, protect the baby’s young brain and body, reduce body shock absorption, improve vehicle stability, comfort and safety.
2. Reinforce the high carbon steel frame, adopt the bold frame, safe, firm and stable, so that you can be more assured.
3. After the increase of the basket, you can step on the thickened basket, the rear storage basket, you can put your belongings, travel more convenient
4. Telescopic and comfortable push handle, two-step adjustment to promote comfort, telescopic push handle feel comfortable, long push is not tired, easy to travel

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