WLTY Safety Net,Stairway Net, Fence Net, Outdoor Netting for Patio, Safety Netting for Railings


♥ Children’s outdoor railing safety net size: mesh 10cm / rope thickness 8mm; We also support custom other sizes (length x width). If you need special size, please write to us.
♥ Safety Net Material: Jute is a gift from nature. Bright color, long fiber, weather resistance, durability, good decorative effect.
♥ Special craftsmanship of safety net: Excellent working posture, exquisite craftsmanship, hand-woven, creating complex, ancient beauty, strict quality control, no loss.
♥ Safety Tips: Please regularly check the safety net for any potential safety hazards caused by various external or human influences, and replace it in time to protect the personal safety of children.
♥ Uses: Suitable for stairs, balconies, decorations, hanging clothes, photo walls, nurseries, stadium fences, ceiling nets, plant protection nets, anti-cat nets, tunnel nets, blocking animal nets, anti-shattering baby nets, pet insulation nets, children Safety nets and many other applications.

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