WANIAN Outdoor Mesh Rope Climbing Netting Heavy Duty Child Protection, Stair Railing Protection Anti-Fall, Child Protection Cargo Cover Safety Net for Kids (Size : 16M)


【Imported material】The safety hemp rope net is made of high-quality imported raw materials, environmentally friendly stones, durable, bright color, long fiber, weathering resistance, easy to cover with mesh, excellent sun and leaching decoration effect.
【Ingenuity craftsmanship】A master with 20 years of weaving experience weaves into a net through traditional craftsmanship. The mesh is uniform and not easy to be damaged. The buckle is purely hand-fastened, and the double buckle design will never trip.
【Multi-functional application】The decorative safety net can not only bring safety to your children, but also create a strong retro atmosphere for you and create a warm family environment. It can be used as the ceiling of an Internet cafe, or as a wall decoration, indoor partition or as a coat rack.
※【SAFETY NETS MATERIAL】: High-quality nylon material. professional knotting, strong impact resistance, and can withstand the worst conditions. Very sturdy even when used outdoors.
※【SAFETY NET protects children safety】: Our ultra heavy duty industrial netting Keep your baby pet toy safe. Child safety net provides a safe playing environment for children on the railing. can also effectively prevent children’s head and body from passing through the track.

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