TXTC High View Baby Stroller,Compact Buggy Strollers,Portable Pram Carriage Anti-Shock Pushchair with Aluminum Baby Carriage,Storage Basket, Large Seat Area (Color : Red)


♥ More user-friendly shock absorption design. The shock absorption structure is an important part of the stroller, which can effectively cushion external shocks and avoid hurting the baby’s brain.
♥ Comfortable big sleeping basket. The size of the sleeping basket determines the comfort level of the baby. In winter, babies wear more clothes, and the big sleeping basket is spacious.
♥ The sleeping basket is implemented in two directions, facing the world, satisfying the baby’s curiosity, facing the mother, and facilitating parent-child communication
♥ The stroller frame is made of aluminum alloy. Sturdy, wear resistant . The surface of the frame is shiny, environmentally friendly , So you don’t have to worry about your baby’s accidental foraging.
♥ Easy to carry, one-button car, small size, easy to put into the trunk, the baby can sit in the RV to travel at any time.

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