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♥ The aluminum alloy frame structure ensures that the cart is resistant and the maximum load capacity is 70 kg. There is a basket with the storage tray under the stroller for comfortable storage.
♥ Ergonomic design, very suitable for newborns and young children. The aspect of money seems very elegant and luxurious; The absorption shock design can adjust the intensity of the correct absorption based on different road conditions
♥ A set of children adapted to children between 0 and 3. The wheelchair seat can be adjusted in three earrings (apartment, semi-extended), needy newborns
♥ Reversible stroller can face and dumbbells are adjustable, so people from different heights should not bend when walking. You can close the hinges of the awning and the cradle to clean them. The flexible front wheel can rotate 360 ​​degrees, allowing you to easily control the stroller.
♥ Wrapped, small and easy to insert into the trunk.

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