Stroller, Foldable Size to Board The Plane, Concealed Foot Cover, dust Cover, Cotton pad, Extended and Widened seat, Off-Road Shock Absorption System


Our stroller can be used in all seasons. In summer, the cloth is rolled up around it to breathe and cool. In winter, the hidden windproof foot cover + high-density cotton pad is used to easily resist cold weather.
Our simple folding stroller can be used by infants from 0 to 4 years old. It folds with one button, and can be folded in a small size and can be carried on an airplane. It is very suitable for traveling.
The backrest is infinitely adjustable and can sit or lie down, which increases the seat space to give the baby a comfortable sitting and lying experience. The two-way reversible handle makes it easy to follow the baby’s dynamics and play parent-child games at any time.
Damping springs are added inside the wheels, driving smoothly and reducing bumps, providing a stable and stable experience for the baby’s rest and sleep. The wheels have built-in bearings, making them smoother and quieter.
The seat is 55 cm above the ground and parallel to most dining tables. There is no need to change the baby chair when going out. At the same time, the baby has a wider field of view and breathes healthier air.

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