Stroller can sit and Lie Down, Multi-Functional Mobile Crib, Shock-Absorbing Rubber Wheels, Adjustable Awning, 93x40cm Enlarged Sleeping Basket, Shopping Basket


Comfortable design, 93*40cm enlarged sleeping basket space allows babies to sleep comfortably, and the design is warm in winter and cool in summer, turning the stroller into a mobile crib. The extended pedal, adjustable up and down angles, make the baby’s feet comfortable at all times.
One-button release of the five-point safety belt, the shoulder pads and belly button pads are all designed with quilted cotton to increase comfort.
There is an enlarged storage basket at the bottom and plenty of storage space. You can carry milk powder and diapers when you go out, so you never have to worry about running out of capacity.
The wheels are made of rubber, which has good anti-skid, wear-resistant and shock-absorbing properties, is not afraid of bumps, is strong and durable, and can adapt to different roads. Provide a stable, smooth and quiet experience for your baby’s rest and sleep.
Both positive and negative can be pushed, two-way care, the baby is highly dependent on the guardian, it is necessary to switch to the care, as the baby grows up, the idea of ​​satisfying the baby to explore the world is being promoted.

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