SHQ Stroller for Children Tricycle Bicycle, 1-6 Year Old Baby Strollers, rotatable seat, Bicycle with Awning,Baby Carriage Stroller Pram (Color : Gray)


Strollers not only provide convenience for adults to go out, but also provide a stable space for babies. The wide field of vision helps babies experience all-round viewing of different things and keep their curiosity.
The seat cushion is made of high-quality fabrics, soft and breathable (non-breathable fabrics are commonly used in the market), which has been upgraded, widened and heightened, and the seat width is 26cm and the height is 25cm. It is very comfortable to ride.
Reversing the implementation, the observation and interaction are correct: facing the mother to interact and communicate, the baby is more secure, facing the world, and satisfying the baby’s curiosity.
The eggshell seat is not tired from sitting for a long time. The front end of the seat adopts a humanized graphic design, which does not oppress the baby’s privacy and does not affect the normal development of the body. The best toy car for the baby.
Four stages can be switched at will (four in one) The four forms of the stroller can be switched at will, suitable for babies of different ages.

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