RSGK Stroller rain Cover and Mosquito net, Baby Travel Weather Shields, Waterproof, Windproof, Travel Umbrella Cover for Most Strollers


The front of the stroller raincoat is designed with a sunshade. When the baby is asleep, the sunshade can be put down to block the sun and give the baby a better sleeping environment. The blue high-definition sunscreen eye protection screen can Resist outdoor ultraviolet rays and protect your baby’s eyesight.
three layers of warm cotton quilted fabric + high-grade waterproof fabric + high-definition windows, thick down cotton fabric thickness is twotimes higher than the rain cover of baby strollers on the market, better warmth, can help your baby can withstand the cold in the cold winter.
the strong water pressure waterproof fabric will be beaded in contact with water, drip-proof, and can withstand wind, frost, rain and snow. Tips: If it is not torn off, the blue protective film can protect your baby’s eyesight, it’s super transparent after tearing off. It is not recommended tearing it off.
the rainproof cover of the stroller is designed with tight elastic bands, and it is fully protected. It is also equipped with S-shaped fixed hooks, which can be firmly fixed on the stroller and prevent strong wind from blowing it.
There are 2 ventilation holes on each side of the rain cover of the stroller accessories, which can allow the baby to breathe fresher air while keeping warm. There are two adjacent storage bags on the back Baby supplies can be placed.

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