LXLA Baby Stroller, Can Sit, Recline and Lightly Folding The Pram Stroller, High- View Two- Way Shock- Absorbing Newborn Pushchair Stroller, Suitable for Children Aged 1-3 Baby Carriage


? Stroller More user- friendly shock absorption design. The shock absorption structure is an important part of the stroller. The 3D three- dimensional shock absorption can more effectively cushion the external impact and avoid hurting the baby’ s brain.
? Baby Stroller Reversible Stroller can rear facing and front facing. People of different height don’ t have to bend over when strolling since the handlebar is adjustable. You can zip off the canopy and bassinet to wash them. Flexible front wheels with 360 degree rotation make it easy for you to control the whole stroller.
? Five- point safety belt, adjustable width and length, adjustable length, securely fixed, intimate crotch and shoulder protection design
? Easy to carry, one- button car, small size, easy to put into the trunk, the baby can sit in the RV to travel at any time.
? Warm in winter and cool in summer, all seasons are universal, three- way breathable design is suitable for all seasons, winter is windproof and warm, summer is breathable and cool.

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