High Landscape Stroller, Can Sit and Lie Down Two Way Shock Absorber Aluminum Alloy Frame is Light and Foldable Strollers Stroller Pram (Color : D)


Strollers not only provide convenience for adults to go out, but also provide a stable space for babies. The wide field of vision helps babies experience all-round viewing of different things and keep their curiosity.
Lightweight high-view two-way RV, mobile baby crib, travel has become so easy.
100cm high landscape, far away from exhaust gas, rest assured to breathe: 58cm sitting height is suitable for most dining table heights, no need to change the dining chair when going out to eat. 100CM field of view, breathing height, stay away from exhaust dust and breathe freely.
Reversing the implementation, the observation and interaction are correct: facing the mother to interact and communicate, the baby is more secure, facing the world, and satisfying the baby’s curiosity.
Aluminum alloy body: subvert the traditional design concept, more scientific and reasonable structure design. 4 “guarantees

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