haojinmei Child Pet Cat Safety Anti-Fall Net Multi-Purpose, Protective Rope Net Child Safety Net – Outdoor Protection Safe Net Cargo Trailer Netting Staircase Balcony Practice Net Sports Tunnel Net


Netting Long-Lasting: Safety, high quality. From past experience we know that his life span is very long
Easy To Handle: Strong and sturdy, not afraid of wind and rain, , easy to install and transport. When you don’t need to use it, you can easily wrap it and store it conveniently
After our test, the safety net is not easy to break and can be used on stairs, balconies, windows, railings, pet cages to protect children’s pets, or trucks to prevent goods from falling. You can use it for the protection of gardens, outdoor fences, kindergartens, etc.
Safety stair guard net installed on balcony or stair railing. Pass the cable tie through the designated hole on the net and wrap it on the handrail, or pass it through a solid mesh and directly wrap it on the handrail
Safety Advice: Regularly check the safety net for potential safety hazards caused by various external factors or human factors, and protect children’s safety in time.

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