FCHMY Child Safety Net 12mm,Hemp Mesh Rope Netting for Kids Outdoor Playground Stair Railing Protection Net Treehouse Swing Climbing Ladder Rope Netting Pets Hammock Netting


【Size of Hemp Rope Net】The hemp rope net rope is 12mm thick, and the lattice spacing is 15cm. Any size of hemp rope net can be customized, rope thickness, grid spacing, rope net size can be adjusted according to your requirements, if you need to customize, please email us, we will reply you within 1 hour.
【Hemp Rope Net Material】The hemp rope net is made of high-quality imported jute from Bangladesh, which is more durable than ordinary rope nets, has strong impact resistance and can withstand the worst conditions of use.
【Production Process of Hemp Rope Nets】Our rope nets are all hand-woven with fine handwork and high quality. We use multi-strand rope weaving, hand-fastened, and double-buckle design, so that the rope is evenly stressed and the pulling force is stronger.
【Use of Hemp Rope Net】Hemp rope net is mainly used for:★Bar BBQ Snack Bar Roof Decoration Mesh★ Kindergarten decoration network boutique display network★ hang clothes★Family background wall picture album display network★Garden curtain partition fence landscape fence★Cat bird pet crawling
【Precautions for Buying Hemp Rope Nets】The sizes of rope nets are different, and their uses are also different. If you are not sure what size net you need, you can contact us by e-mail and tell us the purpose of the net you need, and we will recommend the right size for you.

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