Compact Convertible Luxury Baby Strollers, Pushchair Stroller,Portable Pram Carriage with 5-Point Harness and High Capacity Basket for Infant and Toddler (Color : Pink)


★Stroller accessories: the wheels have some shock-proof springs that can protect the baby’s brain, are convertible, the baby can face the world or the back to the mother
★More features: high enough to protect your baby from dust, can be paired with a dining table like a chair, and the canopy can be adjusted according to the weather
★Glowing point: only one hand can change the cradle to the seat position, only one step to brake or release the stroller, strong and wear-resistant
★Function: The stroller can be used as a bed for babies aged 0-6 months. In addition, it can be replaced with a seat suitable for children aged 7-36 months.
★Sitting and lying can be used: babies and toddlers can use it, easy to use on all terrain, sitting and lying freely

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