Climbing Rope Net for Treehouse, Child Safety Net, Balcony Protective Net Pets Railings Fence Net Hemp Cargo Net Garden Swing Hammock Playground Decoration Child Safety Netting,4*6M(13*20ft)


Size: mesh 10cm/rope thickness 8mm, we also support other custom sizes (length x width). If you need custom size, please write to us.
Hemp rope woven net with high tension, double needle is hand woven net, which makes the net has strong impact resistance, professional knotting and multi-strand weaving, which makes the rope more durable.
Rope net is suitable for bunk bed, climbing net, obstacle, anti-theft protection, partition, covering net, railing, stairs, balcony, plant protection, kindergarten, amusement park, public facilities, landscape fence, external wall, etc. It can be used to protect the baby’s safety.
Protective net protects children’s safety, moderate softness, can bear 300 kg, not easy to fade, not afraid of wind and rain, long service life, more durable.
Easy to install: fix the balcony net on the railing or balcony with ties and ropes; no need to drill holes, no damage to your furniture.

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