Children’s Tricycle Baby Carriage Trolley with Removable Guardrail 4 in 1 with Awning with Steerable Push Rod Baby Toy Gift (Color : Red)


♥[4 in 1]: 4 in 1 is suitable for 1-3-6 years old baby, you can use it for a long time as your child grows.
♥[Pusher 3rd height adjustment]: The pusher can be lifted freely, and Mom and Dad can easily adjust the height that suits them.
♥[The front and rear adjustment of the seat]: The two-position adjustment of the seat is adapted to the different growth stages of the baby.
♥[Seat reversible]: Parent-child interaction, an angle, you can always let the baby and Mommy come into contact.
♥[The rear wheel double brake design]: Prevent the landslide of the cart and the double brakes to prevent the landslide accident from happening, and the parking is safer.

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