Baby Stroller Stroller Summer Bamboo and Rattan Strollers Rattan Wicker Chair Lightweight Baby Sitting Rattan Rattan Chair Infant Car Stroller (Color : B)


The stroller seat can face parents or the world, and is suitable for the growing baby to ride correctly. In the cradle mode, the stroller seat can be converted into a real stroller, allowing you to walk comfortably with your baby
The rattan chair, hand-woven, really makes the summer cool and not stuffy.
Stay away from the hunchback and do not bend over, with a backrest of about 108 degrees, to support the waist point of force.
Damping springs make travel smooth and comfortable. The front wheels use shock-absorbing universal wheels and the rear wheels are equipped with a brake system.
Equipped with a seat belt, an extra insurance for the safety of the baby.

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