AmorosO Single Stroller – Baby Stroller with Four Wheels – Lightweight Stroller with Umbrella – Convertible Stroller with Extra Storage Space – Foldable Stroller with Sun Protection Hood Cove(Red)


600D polyester
ALL TERRAIN STROLLER TO CAR SEAT STROLLER. The lightweight travel stroller has flexible uses from the road to the car. It can be unfolded & converted into a carseat stroller. There is no need to buy another toddler car seat, get customized, or like. This toddler stroller for 3 year old is on the go.
NYLON MATERIAL. This lightweight travel stroller is made of nylon which makes it a comfortable strollers for babies and toddlers. It is durable, easy to clean, sturdy, and away from any abrasion. The bottom frame helps to give the lightweight travel stroller both stability and balance while walking.
FOR INFANTS AND TODDLERS. When you are out and about, it is easy to get distracted by everything going on around you. That’s why our infant stroller to toddlers is just perfect for keeping your little one happy, safe, and entertained. You don’t need to worry that much while taking walks in the park.
MATERIALS. Bring your child with you everywhere you go in this stroller lightweight. It’s made from an EVA wheel tire material and PP Plastic wheel frame, and metal frame material. It totally makes your walking very comfortable and safe. This baby stroller is really great for indoor and outdoor use.
DIMENSIONS. This car seat stroller is ideal for your beloved child. It is spacious and has storage at the bottom. When folded, it is really handy, it’s strong and sturdy. The dimension when unfolded is 62×45.5×97 CM and in the folded state, it has a good size of 38x15X74.5 CM. NET WEIGHT: 11.574 lbs

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